It’s a career, not a job

Helping others to have better lives fuels our drive to build a career, not just job. Work is more than a job to earn money. Through our career, we find meaning in advancing society while at the same time developing our talents and abilities. We play to our strengths, continuously learn, and realise our ambitions by turning ideas into actions. The creative talents and contributions of our team drive the creation of solutions that positively impact lives. Being part of this meaningful enterprise opens up a wide range of career opportunities. We have the choice to use the gift of our life to contribute to making our world a better place. Click here to visit our Careers Site.

Culture keepers

People are both a product of their environment and contributors to shaping it. The two aspects are mutually interconnected, each acting upon the other. At Apax, listening and caring are paramount: everyone’s voice matters, actions count, and contributions are valued. This helps to create a culture where people can thrive and realise their vast potential. As culture keepers, we all have a role in embodying and bringing our corporate values to life. Shaping the right culture and creating a great place to work is a challenging quest. It’s not a destination but a journey, undertaken by people with an unrelenting dedication to creating an organisation where it could be possible to look forward to Mondays. Click here to visit our Careers Site.

What's one of the most valuable
lessons you've learnt at work?