Improve Ourselves

Deep change starts from within. Our individual and collective impact on society is determined by what we will do and what sets us apart. It’s these unique qualities that spur our actions and allow us to forge ahead.


We strive to be creative

We seek to be creative and original in thoughts, ideas and action. It suggests that we are committed to continuously seek new and imaginative solutions, adopt innovative approaches and try out new things. We will make mistakes; it’s bound to happen. Albeit, by endeavouring to adopt a humble posture of learning and to pursue a creative expression, we aim to provide a unique value proposition to all our stakeholders. Maybe, then, to be original is to strive for excellence, to keep learning, and about doing things creatively to achieve better outcomes in order to make a lasting impact.


Values and culture are inextricably linked. Values are vehicles to propel our company’s success acting as the measuring stick for our decision-making. The crucial step is to live our values and weave them into the fabric of our organisation: words are a great start, but actions take centre stage. Upon values people are built and upon people society is built.


Learning in action is becoming the outstanding feature of our emerging mode of operation, as we learn to create the conditions that are conducive to growth. Our aspiration to becoming the force for change is inseparably wedded to relentless dedication to learn and to systematically consolidate lessons learnt into action and refine approaches to enduring change.


Myriads of quantitative achievements unsupported by qualitative exertions often does not stand the test of time and that’s why we strive to dive deeper into providing a high-quality service. It’s simple: our stakeholders deserve nothing less than the best and dedication to quality illustrates our continuous drive towards excellence.


Customer obsession is our state of hyperfocus on creating a better customer experience with a commitment to having a customer-first approach and a drive to respond to their needs in real time. Customer satisfaction is the currency of our company which takes changing our language from “me” to “we” and from “I” to “us”. For our customers we want to settle for nothing less than pure delight.


A digital transformation journey will shine a brighter light to remove outdated manual processes and blockages that would otherwise restrict operational efficiency. Digitalisation allows group ability to increase their agility and efficiently shape productivity and improve performance that allows us to connect the dots on the customer journey in a way that wasn’t possible before. This facilitates more time spent with our residents with an expressive effort on quality support that makes all the difference.


In a world crowded with experiences and options, simplicity is a breath of fresh air. Being an effective company is about creating a path to our service which is simple and straightforward. Finding that sweet spot and cutting off everything unrelated to the desired result takes common sense – but just because something is common sense doesn’t mean it’s commonly practiced. In all things, the supreme excellence is simplicity.


We strive for excellence to improve ourselves, transform services, enhance lives and advance society.


Values work wonders

Values illuminate individual and collective actions to forge a bond which unite our people. The journey will be full of difficulties and setbacks. As we continue to make and learn from our mistakes – which is inevitable – the aspiration to transform towards a values-driven organisation forms the cornerstones of our identity. Because our corporate values serve as a framework to guide policies, working practices and decision-making, we begin to appreciate the real necessities to reshape the landscape of supported housing.

United we

Unified thoughts in collective actions are the edifying powers for progress. Abandoning conflict and competition as unconstructive forces, the unity in diversity of our workforce essentially empowers broader engagement, as it is in music where many different notes blend together in the making of a perfect symphony. Our strength lies in our unity, as equally as our collapse lies in our division.

Strive for

Our input ultimately determines our output; hence excellence is perhaps only measured by the extent of efforts we inject in our work. We are passionate about what we do and relentless in our dedicated pursuit for excellence, which is doing ordinary things extraordinarily well.

Sparks of

Every choice we make leaves a trace. We endeavour to fan the spark of kindness in everything we say and do. Kindness is cherished as an elevated principle capable to reliably cause a lasting influence throughout the organisation with the necessary force to inspire countless other positive qualities for change.

Humility is

For collaboration to bring about individual and organisational success, humility must fortify its influence over arrogance. Adopting a learning attitude means developing a sense of humility by emptying egos which travail growth. When seedlings thirsting for growth are sowed in the soil of an open mind and watered by a humble attitude, we become agents of change for personal and collective progress.


The collective organisational capacity, efficiency and effectiveness are simply the by-product of mutual, employer and employee, commitment to the never-ending focus on learning to make each day better than yesterday. To improve and not stagnate, to refine and steer new heights of accomplishment, we have a constant steady drive to materialise the change we aspire to see.

It's Right
to be Fair

What we hold in trust for others will be shaped by our fairness to them. Fairness built in the awareness that commitment to truthful investigation tied with the sincere quest for justice uniquely thrusts progressive transformation. The wellbeing of our relationships, culture and community are fostered and upheld on justice.

Our People, our
Partners are our

Our people and partners are of tremendous value and the strength of our organisation. Together determined with steeled resolve we are committed to create positive change in the lives of our residents and in society. Our organisation treasures its employees and its partners as a mighty drop in the vast ocean.

Our History


Best Team Culture Award winner! This accolade inspires continued effort in making Apax a great place to work and reinforces commitment to a values-driven enterprise.


The launch of Virtual Reality Wellness initiative. This innovation harnesses the immersive experience of VR to provide relaxation, mindfulness and calming simulations for residents and employees.


Essex House and Dorset House low support accommodations are launched.


Bristol House and Cumbria House low support accommodations are launched.


A new corporate identity! Apax launches new website, career site, mission statement, corporate values, refurbished offices and a lot more.


Digital transformation journey is complete enabling an agile and collaborative ecosystem. Apax is paperless!


Durham House and Cambridge House low support accommodations are launched.


Derby House semi-independent living accommodation is launched.


Somerset House high support accommodation is launched.


Bedford House low support and Kirkdale House medium support accommodations are launched.


Coach House low support and Crescent House semi-independent living accommodations are launched.


Summer House medium support and Daisy House low support accommodations are launched.


Apax is born, incorporated in 2010 as a non-profit organisation.